What are we doing?


We organize meetings investors with those who will assist them - realtors, lawyers etc.

Auction Vice Versa™ is our unique form of "matchmaking" investors and realtors that allows investor receiving maximum for his money

We consult investors.

We represent investors as an agent in contacts with sellers, partners, government agencies etc.


Meeting Place

We provide the space where investors and those who provide opportunity for investment meet each other. Both parties may search for the partners and post own offers and requests. 

Our unique feature is Auction Vice Versa™  when investor offer some amount together with his expectation and conditions and bidders offer him their investment opportunity. 



We consult the clients on all underwater problems that are not advertised usually. This includes but not limited the specifics of national character, business customs, legal system, educational and medical system etc. 

We recommend the steps that may reduce risks including audit before deal.


We represent our clients in all stages of process from searching for investment opportunity to monitoring movement of document. It is especially important when a client searches for real estate where the bargain price may differ from catalog one in 2 times and even more. Thus, we cannot reduce the size of your investment, but we can and we do increase the value of what you get for your money.

We do NOT take commission from sellers (although all want to give it) and our service allows clients save much more than our fees.

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