Price List

(as for 10/11/2018)

Annual Membership Fee for Members of CIP-Club  - €3000


Single ad (per month)

Regular ad                          €100


Ad pinned to the top of page        €250 

Featured offer                      €250 

(in the "Featured" section)

Advertising on portal  

Banners (1  sq. cm per day) on all pages

Banner in the center of page below Main Menu   €1.50 

Banner left/right part of page                 €0.80

Banner in Footer                               €0.80

You may provide your own design in any graphic formats (jpg, png, pdf etc) or we may design banner for you (€30, free for orders €100 and above).

Consultations (per 15 minutes)

In office                      €30 

Online (Skype, WhatsApp etc)   €20 

Agent services

The fees and terms are negotiable. Different schemes are possible including payment on positive result only

Auction Vice Versa™ 


Auction Vice Versa™ see on the Auction's page.


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