Add Property

To add your property please fill the form bellow and upload images/videos in the right column. Alternatively you may contact us and send all materials by email.


If you want we may prepare the presentation of your objects ourselves. Visits onsite, making pictures etc are possible on request.

You have 2 options to upload the videos and images.

1) Simply provide the links to the images/videos on your site, Youtube, FB etc in the field "Links" in the left form.

2) Upload files in the form below. Add text describing what is image/video about.

How to determine your object's Google Map coordinates?

1) Open Google Map and find the position of your object.

2) Move cursor in the position of your object.

3) Right click to see drop down menu.

4) Click on "What's here?". You will see in the bottom of screen the Google map coordinates.

5) Write down them and type in the form.

Please calculate the amount due including basic fee and fees for highlighting you want as they are in Price List

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